VoIP Phone Systems and Hosted Solutions for the Now

Today’s phone systems are more than just audio signals going through fiber-optic cables — they are enhanced digital networks that allow everything from video conferencing to call centers. Increasingly, these integral systems are coming to define a particular competitive advantage for the companies that insist on reliable, tailored phone systems that fit their particular daily operations.

In a business environment where information can get halfway around the world in seconds, and where audio-visual technology makes it possible to look and speak directly to a business partner on another continent as if they were in the same room, the phone system solution helps create an atmosphere of open communication and success.

Hybrid Phone System Solutions Provide Flexibility for Your Business

Whether you want your business phone system to be hosted on the cloud or you’re looking to set up a comprehensive digital telephone system in your office, DenMark Business Solutions can help. We are well-known throughout York, Lancaster and the rest of Central PA for our ability to provide flexible VoIP phone system solutions for all types of businesses.

We can even work with you to develop hybrid solutions incorporating both hosted and digital solutions, as well as analog. We have the highest quality Avaya and Panasonic telecommunications products and highly skilled technicians with the experience and know-how to install them right the first time.

DenMark Business Solutions has the expert installers you need to get your phone system up and running fast, so you can start streamlining your communications and working more efficiently right away. The right phone system can expand your business’s reach while optimizing your workflow.

DenMark Business Solutions is here to help match your small-to-medium-sized business with the right digital and cloud-based solutions for you. Some companies may need a phone system hosted on the cloud, while others require an on-premises digital platform telephone system. We have the answers for you either way.

Customers can choose digital if they are not ready to go voice over IP because their network will not support voice and data now. We offer our professional recommendations which are supported by a solid business case, but ultimately our customers decide where they are comfortable investing their money.

Business Partners With the Industry Leaders in Enterprise Phone Systems

As an Authorized Business Partner of Avaya and Panasonic products, we have exclusive access to the latest product launches from these telecom industry leaders. Avaya’s IP Office product and the new Panasonic phone systems can be built with all new technologies or you have the choice to migrate to a new platform at your pace.

Service You Can Rely on for Your Phone System

Certified at the highest levels, our technicians know the products we install. This requires consistent product training and assess to factory engineers when necessary. We have over 80 years of combined telecommunications experience under our roof and will have no problem providing your phone system with the support it needs.

Product Support That Puts Your Phone System Needs First

When implementing a new technology such as a digital telephone system or an IP phone system, training is of utmost importance if you are to realize a return from your investment. We do simple user training and also administrative training so that you learn as much – or as little – about programming your system as you want.

We strive to keep the disruption of a new system to a minimum. We understand that you need to keep doing business even when the telephone system is being replaced. When any disruption is not practical, installations are scheduled for evenings or weekends.

And when it comes to keeping you informed about the latest developments, we’ve got you covered there, too. If there’s an upgrade to your system software that you need, you’ll be sure to hear from us. If we hear of a new product launch that can make your business run more efficiently, you’ll be the first to know. DenMark Business Solutions knows that we don’t succeed unless you do.

Learn More About Our Cloud-Based and Premise-Based Phone Systems Now

We have a range of Cloud-based and premise-based VoIP phone systems from different providers to meet your needs, including products from brand leaders like Avaya Communications and Panasonic. To learn more or to receive assistance finding the right VoIP phone system for your small-to-medium-sized business, contact DenMark Business Solutions for a free phone system consultation. Call 717-932-4757 or send us a note online today.