The Cope Company Salt

"This is to thank you for the excellent service DenMark Business Solutions provided The Cope Company Salt during our evaluation and installation of our new VoIP phone system. As you are aware, we had several vendorsreview our needs and one did install a new system which provided a very low and unpredictable quality for about 16 months before asking DenMark to come back and reassess our problems and make the changes in install and equipment to improve our service. I report that after about 3 months that our phone and computer service is very good and we appreciate your patience and expertise as we work through our problematic situation."

Central Dauphin School District

"Overall, this effort has been beneficial to me because as I have been able to partially off load the task of managing the districts telecommunication's, which has allowed me to concentrate on more pressing issues. With an email or a quick phone call we can begin the process of adding or disconnecting services or getting a trouble fixed. Allowing an organization that excels at this type of service has saved me many hours."

Stephenson Equipment, Inc.

"I am pleased to say the efforts of DenMark Business Solutions reaped significant rewards for Stephenson Equipment Inc.!!! Our cost of the site survey was returned many times over. Your detailed analysis of our bills disclosed several billing errors. This was surprising as our accounting department does an excellent job of reviewing our bills. They have been successful in identifying potential issues; however, because of the lack of detailed information on the telephone bills, they never would have been able to uncover the errors you were successful with. The complexity of the bills is just overwhelming."

New Cumberland Federal Credit Union

"Thanks to DenMark Business Solutions our Credit Union has saved several thousand dollars in past and future bills. We were not expecting any major results but it turned out that a little time with Mark ended up saving us a lot of money. I am very happy with the service I have received as well as the speed and accuracy of DenMark."

Moffitt Heart & Vascular Group

"DenMark Business Solutions determined that we had an abundance of lines that were not being utilized, therefore reducing our local telephone services bill by $5,700 annually. They were also able to recommend a new provider that provided additional costs savings. We also have access to DenMark customer service representatives to assist us with any future telecommunications needs and/or issues."

Center For Independent Living Opportunities

"CIL Opportunities is excited to share with DenMark Business Solutions' potential clients what great service we receive from your organization. The staff, along with yourself, are a pleasure to work with. You are prompt, ambitious, and knowledgeable in regards to the services you offer."

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Pennsylvania

"I have been very pleased with DenMark's service and their ability to anticipate and meet our communications goals. Their staff has been very responsive to our needs, and they are very accessible for answering questions and resolving issues. I am grateful to have a reliable source of knowledge and solutions for our varied communication needs at the House."