Stefani Gebhart, Vice President of Operations, was born and raised in Hanover PA. She is a current resident of Hanover PA with her three sons, Daniel, Colin, & Wyatt. She graduated from South Western High School and attended York Technical Institute.

Stefani’s introduction to telecommunications was in 1998 when she worked for Capital Telecommunications, Inc., a small locally owned and operated CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) based out of York, PA. She started her career at CTI as a customer service representative for the Upfront calling card – helping French exchange students with their calling cards. Eventually, she landed in the provisioning department, where she excelled in her duties of acquiring telecom services for CTI’s client base. She interacted with many different telephone companies, in a cooperative relationship to provide service to CTI clients. She also initiated and implemented auditing procedures for local service invoices.

Stefani came to DenMark Business Solutions in November of 2007, as CTI changed ownership and eventually ceased business operations. In her initial role at DenMark, she successfully assisted companies who were having difficulties as a result of CTI’s issues. She has since become responsible for operations at DenMark. This includes review of client bills for pricing, implementation of DenMark’s proposed solution, and ongoing customer service requirements.