Make the impact of a big business at a small business price.

When it comes to phone systems, small businesses today have more options than ever. Advances in IP technology have made upgrading to a digital or network-based system easier than ever. You now have access to all of the features and tools of enterprise systems, but without the enterprise-sized price tag.

At DenMark Business Solutions, we understand that small businesses live and die by their phone systems. That’s why we offer our customers built-in flexibility with a specific system design that meets the needs of their office, their industry and their customers.

VoIP phone systems for small businesses might be one of the most cost-effective additions to your roster to boost your reputation and guarantee high levels of customer service.

Professional and Modern Communications Systems for Your Small Business Office

In today’s economy, the success of a small business often rests on its ability to provide superior service to its customers. Given that a customer’s first contact is usually over the phone, it only makes sense to invest in a reliable telephone system for your small business. If your customer gets stuck on hold, is put through to the wrong extension, or has their call dropped, it can negatively affect their perception of your business.

Phone systems for small businesses also include many tools to help you deliver service after a call. This can include call recording and integration between voicemail and email, or reporting that analyzes traffic and call flows to find service bottlenecks.

Small business VoIP phone systems are changing the way you and your competitors can do business today. That’s essential in the business world, which is placing more pressure on small- and medium-sized businesses to innovate and communicate faster than your competitors.

It’s a lot of pressure — there’s no doubt about it. That’s why it’s critical to have an internal and external communication system that’s on your side, delivering service that’s consistent and reliable, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Avaya IP Office: VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

DenMark Business Solutions is thrilled to be able to provide our clients in Central PA and beyond with state-of-the-art products from the Avaya IP Office line, an advanced VoIP telephone system for small businesses. A feature-rich, flexible system, Avaya IP Office products offer full hybrid compatibility for digital, analog and VoIP phones, as well as support for staff working remotely via smartphone or tablet PC. Simple system management software allows your staff to manage moves, adds and changes and in most cases without having to request a service call.

When it comes to Avaya small business phone systems, no one can match the expertise we have at our disposal at DenMark Business Solutions. Our expertise in Avaya installations includes technicians with 20 years of field experience or more, which gives us the ability to provide you with the latest technology at one of the lowest installation costs available.

Experience the benefit of a leading phone system provider by having your system installed correctly the first time, set up in a way that’s designed to help you win more business.

VoIP Phone System Installation Done Right the First Time

DenMark Business Solutions is proud to serve small businesses throughout Central PA, including York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and related locations, installing and servicing modern phone systems that incorporate the latest in proven technologies. Our experience has shown us the importance of planning, checking and re-checking.

VoIP installations require coordination of your ISP, your phone company and the management of any special circuits such as MPOLS and VPNs. Our experience and knowledge allow us to work quickly and efficiently, letting you get back to doing what you do best — servicing your customers.

We’ll get your phone system for your small business ready to serve your customers. With a DenMark Business Solutions small business VoIP phone system installation, you’ll always be accessible, so your customers never again hear a busy signal.

Long-Term Coverage and Warranty Care

All Avaya products come with a standard one-year warranty, with very affordable multi-year service plans also available. Our other systems come with standard OEM warranties that are typically a one-year plan, though we can provide post-warranty service agreements.

Panasonic has introduced special pricing on small business systems for non-profit organizations. With an unheard of seven-year product warranty your company can get the most bang for your buck from this special program.

The services and products we offer are all customer-tested and approved. We look forward to having you join the many businesses in and around Central PA who choose DenMark Business Solutions to install and run their phone systems, enabling clearer communication and turning their operations into a local powerhouse.

DenMark Business Solutions can provide your company with a full assortment of analog, digital and VoIP phone systems for small business that are reliable and easy-to-use. You’ll be amazed at the impact small business VoIP phone systems can have for you — especially when you start the process with a team that knows the ins and outs of telecommunications.

Modern and Reliable Phone Systems That Benefit Your SMBS

Within the fast-paced business world, it’s critical your company’s internal and external communication systems are reliable and consistent, as well as intuitive for your team to use in day-to-day operations. Our top-notch phone systems, installations, training, long-term coverage and warranty care ensure your system is ready to perform.

Reliable small-business VoIP phone systems can lead to several competitive advantages, including:

  • Upgraded call processing: Service bottlenecks lead to a series of unfortunate events. Not only are customers put on hold, but representatives are also overwhelmed with an influx of calls. That kind of experience can leave a bad taste in any consumer’s mouth, which affects your brand image. With an improved communication system, you can review call flows, find service bottlenecks and remedy them.
  • Improved call and voice quality: Poor voice and call quality also leave customers dissatisfied. With a small business telephone system, such as by Panasonic or Avaya, your answers are crystal clear for clients, which lets them move forward with placing an order, signing up for a service or taking another action. In-house discussions, whether between different departments or remote employees, are also made hassle-free.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: With faster call processing, better call quality and a reliable small-business VoIP phone system, you can expect to increase your customers’ satisfaction. With your client’s happiness improved, that can lead to boosted returns through word-of-mouth, online reviews and more.

Today’s marketplace requires every business to deliver premium customer service through an advanced communication system, regardless of size. DenMark Business Solutions stands ready to help your small to medium-sized business provide that level of service and get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Get Started With a Free Consultation From DenMark Business Solutions

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