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Professional Business Telephone System Installation

Whether your needs are simple or complex, DenMark Business Solutions can help design a telephone system for your office or business that makes communication with your clients and coworkers seamless. When it comes to business phone systems installation, why trust anyone other than an authorized service provider for Avaya and Panasonic products? That’s just what you get with DenMark. We are proud to offer Avaya and Panasonic products for your telecommunications solutions because we know they’re the best and most reliable solutions on the market. We’re sure that once we’ve installed some of our products for your business and you’ve seen them in action, you’ll agree. At DenMark Business Solutions, we know our products, and we have the best-qualified technicians to service them.

Experienced Phone System Installers, Engineers and Technicians

A phone system installation can be complex. Any mistakes made in the initial stages can cause significant problems later on that can be expensive or time-consuming. Our technicians have years of experience installing phone systems for businesses. In fact, DenMark technicians have an average of about 20 years of experience in the field. You’ll save a lot of money long-term when you don’t have to call in maintenance to repair a problem caused by an inexperienced telephone system installer.

Industry-Leading Telecommunications Products

DenMark Business Solutions is proud to be an authorized dealer of Avaya phone systems and products. The company, which is the evolution of the old AT&T and Bell companies, has its history in telecommunications exclusively. Unlike data and networking companies that make business phone systems as a sideline, Avaya sets the standard in design of quality products for corporate communications. As a result, they now hold the largest share in several segments of the telecom market and regularly win the most prestigious industry awards.

DenMark has built a company and a legacy around delivering the right phone system products and the right installation services to unique companies from all across Pennsylvania and beyond.

While some companies devote a small portion of their resources to telecommunications solutions, our company is completely focused on providing products that offer the best telecommunications solutions for your business.

Support for Legacy Phone Systems

Of course, at DenMark Business Solutions, we’d love to outfit your company with the newest, most efficient telephone system on the market, but we recognize that such an investment might not be possible at this time. Our main concern is making sure your business communications stay up and running so your business can grow and thrive, regardless of which phone systems you are using. That is why our experienced techs offer service support for discontinued or legacy products, so you can continue to get the most out of your existing system. When you’re ready to talk about installing a new hybrid or VoIP phone system, you’ll know you can count on us.

We Audit and Install Telephone Systems for Central Pennsylvania

When we install phone systems, Central PA is always at the forefront of our efforts. To help you pick what’s right, we look at the current market and provide options based on known, local cost, reliability, level of service, equipment support and much more.

A business phone system installation never has to be a hassle. By providing you with a free, no-obligation audit, we will show you options that can help your business compete and succeed. A growing mobile workforce, support for teams in the field or the need to always stay professional and punctual for your small team will guide the packages we present to you.

Don’t settle for just anyone saying they can install phone systems in Lancaster & the surrounding areas. Look for a partner who provides a warranty for equipment and relies on years and years of industry experience for each phone system installation in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg & other towns in Central PA.

Phone System Installation in Lancaster County and Beyond

With a phone system installation from DenMark Business Solutions, you won’t be dealing with a call center or a nationwide chain. Instead, we offer the fast, personalized service you would expect from a Pennsylvania-based business — but with the experience and resources of a national company. For the best phone system installation in this area, go with the company that offers the personal touch you only get from dealing with an established local business.

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