Audio Conferencing Solutions for SMBs

Today’s business world demands companies, especially small- to medium-sized businesses, to modernize. From coordinating the development of new services to communicating with clients, the industry’s asking your company to upgrade its communications.

No matter the size of your business, it’s vital your communication system provides the following:

  • A scalable solution
  • A hassle-free installation and usability
  • A reliable and high-quality system

At DenMark Business Solutions, Inc., we deliver the audio and videoconferencing brands that meet your company’s evolving needs.


Uses for Audio Conferencing

For small- and medium-sized businesses, a conference system offers several different applications, including:

  • Discussing customized projects one-on-one with clients and team members
  • Coordinating marketing, advertising or other company efforts with remote employees
  • Sharing company numbers or plans with key stakeholders or investors
  • Communicating with traveling company members about new developments

With audio conferencing solutions, you not only improve your productivity but also give your business a competitive edge.


Advantages of Audio Conferencing Systems

Establishing an audio conferencing system provides your business with advantages, which include:

  • Quality: Exceptional voice clarity and call quality from trusted telephone systems, such as those by Panasonic, Avaya and others, make a good impression on potential and existing customers and match your product or service’s own quality.
  • Scalability: As a small- to medium-sized business, growth is expected. That’s why our telephone systems feature different phones for all company sizes. Whether your meeting room seats six or 12, there’s a conference phone for you.
  • Usability: Having a conference system that’s easy to use is essential. That’s why we offer audio conferencing solutions that are painless to install and use, which lets you avoid the hassle and wasted productivity of working with a conference phone that’s far from intuitive.

With DenMark Business Solutions, Inc. on your side, you’ll modernize your business with ease.


Conference Phones

Sleek and Sophisticated Conference Phones

DenMark Business Solutions, Inc. connects you directly with providers to cut out any confusion. Whether you want an audio conferencing solution from Avaya, a telecom audit, or other conference call services, we can help.


Collaborate Better with Productivity Features & Superior Sound from Avaya

The Avaya B100 Series makes the conference room phone easier to use—and smart enough to deliver true productivity-enhancing features.

Easily deployed on your network, the B149, B159 and B179 phones are quick to install and compatible with Avaya’s flagship collaboration solutions for any size business. Solidly constructed, these phones include intuitive keypads to make accessing features and functions a snap.

  1. Crystal Clear Audio – Never miss a second of the conversation with OmniSound™ audio technology — the 360-degree surround sound and speakers optimize audio pick-up and broadcasting.
  2. Plug and Play Simplicity – Connect to a telephone line or your IP network and a power supply. It’s that simple.
  3. Built-in Efficiency – Access web-based applications or the corporate directory to quickly launch calls. Bridge up to five people or locations. Expand to a Bluetooth headset, PA system, or microphone.


Hear Every Word With OmniSound™

Avaya’s exclusive OmniSound technology produces pure high-definition sound. Full duplex operation allows sound to be transmitted and received simultaneously to prevent audio clipping for frustration-free collaboration.


OmniDirectional Microphones

Ensure high-quality sound with 360-degree OnmiDirectional microphones that cover up to 750 square feet. Add more for bigger rooms or for more participants. Expand to a Bluetooth headset for a speaker or a PA system for a large group.

The KX-NT700 works with your existing telephone system or operates natively on your business or broadband data network. The system includes a Three-Party Conference feature that lets you conference up to three units together or conference one analog call into a two-party IP conference meeting. Need to further expand your meeting to include other remote parties? The KX-NT700 is designed to work with a variety of existing equipment for maximum flexibility, including:

  • TCP/IP Compatibility (peer to peer only)
  • SIP Extension Compatibility
  • Single-Line Telephone (SLT) Capability
  • Web Conferencing Systems Capability*

Also, the KX-NT700 supports connection to Standard (PSTN) telephone networks, so it’s no problem adding a remote mobile phone to the conference if someone’s running late and you want to conference them in.


Polycom Audio Conferencing Solutions

In a world where conference calls with partners, vendors, remote workers and global teams are on the rise, crystal-clear conversations are a must for productive meetings.

Polycom conference phones deliver superb voice quality, expansive microphone pickup, advanced audio processing, and all the features that make conference calls seem as natural as being in the same room.

For clear, productive conference calls, Polycom conference phones are the industry standard and a fixture in meeting rooms worldwide. These phones:

  • Ensure everyone can be clearly heard, making meetings shorter and more productive
  • Enable seamless conversations
  • Deliver 360-degree microphone pickup and other group voice capabilities
  • Boost meeting productivity in an affordable and effective way

What makes Polycom conference phones unique?

  • Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology enables loud, clear group calls without echoes, dropouts or feedback
  • New advancements such as Polycom HD Voice deliver clarity never before experienced in a conference call
  • Our latest models feature advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) support, wireless technology, USB-based solutions, and flexible configuration options that meet the needs of any type of room or telephony environment
  • Polycom has been the market leader in conference phones for 20 years, with an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability
  • Polycom conference phones are easy to use
  • Premium voice quality delivers lifelike audio that sounds as natural as being in the same room
  • Echo cancellation and background noise reduction means clearer communications without distractions


SoundStation Duo

Whether your conference rooms use analog lines today or you’ve already migrated to Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, the Polycom SoundStation Duo phone delivers exceptional deployment flexibility for small and midsize rooms, capturing voices up to 10 feet away and canceling out echoes.


SoundStation IP 7000

Advanced IP conference phone with HD Voice clarity and Polycom video integration. With its features — from Automatic Gain Control that adapts the microphone’s sensitivity to each speaker’s location to advanced call handling and security — your team can connect hassle-free.


SoundStation IP 6000

Premium IP conference phone designed for midsize rooms that offers remarkable HD Voice clarity. Communicate with clients with ease through the unparalleled clarity of the SoundStation IP 6000, which also prevents interference from nearby wireless devices and mobile phones.


SoundStation IP 5000

Advanced IP conference phone with Polycom HD Voice clarity that’s designed for small conference rooms. Turn conversations with clients into crystal-clear discussions with Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ technology and avoid crowding around a phone with a microphone that picks up your voice — even when you’re 7 feet away.



Premium conference phone engineered for small to midsized rooms. With exceptional voice quality, as well as Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), your team can converse with clients or co-workers in a normal voice and without worrying about clipping or dropouts.


Work With DenMark Business Solutions, Inc.

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