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Your communications system is your lifeline to the outside world. It is also an opportunity to manage the impression that callers get of your company. A well-thought-out phone system design is concise and easy to navigate.

How many times have you called a company and been annoyed by their phone system before your call was even answered? That’s why the discussion stage of the design of the system is so critical, but not all communications companies spend time on this after a system is sold.

You’ll never have this problem when you partner with DenMark Business Solutions for your telecommunications needs. The mission of DenMark Business Solutions is to make sure that we understand your specific telecommunications needs and to provide you with a solution that fits your business’s size, goals and budgetary considerations.

There are a lot of choices available — equipment-based systems, Voice over IP, hosted systems and custom combinations. We deliver an array of application software to handle just about any feature. For example, we can use our Avaya product line to customize a system to your specific needs, with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) integration for seamless communications.

Discover a Range of Technology & Equipment

A fast, secure connection and attentive customer service are essentials in the competitive world of telecom. But without reliable equipment, they’re meaningless. DenMark Business Solutions installs, relocates, repairs, and services all major phone systems.

Every business is different, which is why we offer a wide range of services. We work with over 160 providers and supply equipment from many top manufacturers, including:

  • Avaya: We carry and service all Avaya systems, including Definity, S8300, S8400, Legend, Magix, Partner, IP Office and Intuity platforms.
  • Panasonic: We offer Panasonic’s NCP 500 and 1000, TDA and TDE 50, 100, 200 and 600 platforms.
  • ESI: In our selection, you’ll find the IVX C-Class, S-Class and E-Class (IP) systems.

Call DenMark Business Solutions for Your Phone System Needs

DenMark Business Solutions takes the confusion out of switching to a new system. You’ll get a single point of contact who is an expert in all facets of communication technology. We can help you choose phones and service providers, of course, but we can also do so much more.

Whether you’re a multi-location enterprise, a small business ready to make the jump to hosted phone services or a contractor seeking the expertise to complete communications projects on time and within budget, DenMark Business Solutions has a way for you to streamline your company’s telecommunications and take them to the next level in order to maximize your opportunities for success.

Let us help you promote an air of professionalism and a sense of command in your business while making sure your communication system adds real value to your organization every day.

You know your company, and we know technology. When we combine them, you’ll have a phone system that makes a true impact on your business.

DenMark Business Solutions specializes in providing the following services for customers in Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg and the surrounding areas:

  • Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC): Normal, everyday moving of telephones from one location to another or changing of extensions and trunks.
  • Installation and Relocation: Installation of new equipment or systems. Relocation of existing systems, either within the same premises or from one building to another.
  • Service and Repair: Offered on all Avaya, Panasonics and ESI systems that are current or out of production. Service and repair is offered on a T&M basis as well as through maintenance agreements.
  • Trained and Certified Technical Support: Our technicians, trainers, system engineers and software specialists have the highest level of training and in-field experience and are available to provide support for all systems and products.
  • System Programming: Either remote or on site. Whether simply programming a name change for an extension or adding a new T-1 circuit to link multiple sites, we can get it done. Program consulting is also available for companies that need to solve a specific problem or need a programming refresh due to staff turnover or other changes.
  • Telecom Outsourcing: If you’re looking to cut costs or get help with a specific project, we can provide Technical Support for any application.
  • Call Center Professional Services: For installing VoIP phone systems and upgrades.
  • Call Center Applications: Providing small and large contact centers with real-time reporting, multi-media applications and database integration.
  • Voice, Data and Fiber Cabling: For computer and telephone networks.
  • Phone Systems: We offer commercial telephone systems, digital phone systems, office phone systems, small business phone systems and telecommunications systems and services.

Contact DenMark for a New Phone System in Northern, MD, or Central PA

Your customer service is only as good as your telecom system. Whether you’re interested in installing brand-new technologies, repairing older phones or evaluating your current equipment, DenMark Business Solutions can help.

Contact us online for a free phone system evalution or to request a quote today. For immediate service, call 717-932-4757.

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