Dan Saia has been working in the telecommunications and technology industries for over 10 years, and with those years has brought a lot valuable experience and knowledge. What started as a hobby (tinkering with computers, networks, and cellphones) quickly became an obsession. It made sense to continue doing something he loved but instead get paid for it! in 2008 he helped his father start an IT Consulting company, growing the company from 4 employees to 8 in a span of 2 years. In 2010 he decided to switch gears and started working with DenMark. What started as a simple sales role to learn the products and services DenMark offered transitioned into an on-site installer, to back-end support, to system design and engineering, and eventually to his current role of Senior Telecom Analyst.

In his current role, he oversees projects from inception to completion and then some. He has his hands in many different cookie jars, helping to make sure DenMark’s clients are happy and well taken care of. He believes good, prompt customer support and staying ahead of problems can help his customer’s businesses stay ahead of their competition. Being in his current position gives him the freedom and flexibility to get things done right the first time, and he has clearly earned the trust of his clients.

As Dan continues to grow, so will DenMark. He has provided DenMark with the resources and resolve to handle any and all challenges new and existing clients throw at them. If you have a problem, think you might have a problem in the future, or would just like to chat to see what Dan and DenMark have to offer you please don’t hesitate!