Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

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Remote work, sometimes referred to as telecommuting, has been gaining popularity for the past few years as more of the workforce has begun working outside the office for at least part of the week. As COVID-19 has forced a significant amount of the population into self-isolation, remote work has changed from a perk to a

Telecom Audit: The Secret Money Saver for Your Company’s 2020

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Bills. Everyone has them and everyone has the same feeling of dread when it comes time to pay them. Fees, upon fees, upon fees; next thing you know, you have a migraine from trying to decipher all the technical mumbo jumbo cluttering each and every page. And if you are like the majority of people,

How to Move Your Business Phone System to the Cloud

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Business technology is always advancing. This decade saw the rise of cloud-based data storage and software. These cloud-based systems offer incredible flexibility, allowing users to access their systems from anywhere without expensive hardware investments. However, there are even more ways to use the cloud in modern business settings. The most recent trend is cloud-based phone

Top 10 Telecommunication Problems for Businesses

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Businesses have more choice than ever when it comes to telecommunication — landlines, smartphones, email, chat groups, online forums, wireless connections, Bluetooth connections, cable-cord lines, in-the-cloud — and they're all synced by a burgeoning internet of things (IoT) introducing ever-more options. The only problem? With more choices comes more challenges. You know how it goes. In the

Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Business

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Communication is a crucial part of success in any well-established business. Companies are using business phone systems to do much more than making and receiving calls. The methods that companies use to interact with customers, clients and partners are ever-changing, but when it comes to a primary phone system, how do you choose from all

How to Switch Phone Carriers While Keeping Your Number

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You'll see it on local commercials and in newspaper advertisements all the time. Business owners will prominently feature their phone number, either through bold text or a catchy jingle that gets stuck in people's heads. While social media and email have become more prevalent as a means of discovery and communication, businesses still heavily bank

How to Reduce Telecom Costs in Northern MD

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Telecommunications technology has taken drastic steps forward in recent years, but a lot of places can still suffer from repeated issues that plague businesses big and small. From administrative gaffes and technological shortcomings to hidden costs and more, seemingly tiny problems can gradually nip away at your bottom line. If you find that your business's

The Different Types of Cloud-Based Services

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For companies of all sizes, cloud computing models have made the various aspects of running a business easier and more streamlined. A business exists to fulfill a specific market niche and computing will often fall beyond the grasp of the company's in-house staff. With cloud services, many of the difficulties associated with software program management

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