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At DenMark Business Solutions, our drive is to ensure that not only are our clients’ expectations met, but that they are exceeded. For us, it’s all about managing the details. We invite you to read through a few case studies below to get a better understanding of how we work with our clients, and how that relationship creates spectacular results.

DenMark Case Studies

Featured Case Study: Printing Company

We have a client that is a printing company, they have 2 locations, one in Dillsburg and one in Harrisburg. 

Our initial engagement was in 2014, we proposed a telephone system for the Dillsburg location as their system was about 15 years old.  We also proposed Comcast for their lines in Harrisburg.  The chose to not go with the system, however, they did have us put in Comcast at their Harrisburg facility.  Recently, we were contacted regarding their facility in Dillsburg.

Operating Challenges

They currently have an old Comdial telephone system.  They are having issues as the system is old and maintained by their current telecom provider, Windstream.

  • Overall spend with Windstream is just over $2,400 a month
  • The Comdial voicemail system no longer works.
  • The Comdial is old enough that parts are very difficult to find
  • Windstream told them they needed to replace the Comdial system

Project Steps

We met with them to review their needs and discuss the challenges they are having.

  • With the age of the Comdial system, fixing it is not an option.
  • We reviewed their needs for a new telephone system and discussed their options
  • They were not wanting to have large cost to acquire a new system.
  • Flexibility, this includes the ability to add additional phones, when needed, in a cost controlled manner.
  • 15 phones, we discussed the fact that an ethernet jack need to be available to connect the phones to their network, as the new system would be riding on it.
  • Voicemail to email is a nice option to have.
  • Linking the 2 locations together in one system, when the system in the Harrisburg facility needs to be replaced is preferable.
  • They have 6MB of Internet through Windstream, cost is over $1,800.00.
  • This service is attached to a router that manages all of their vendor and customer relationship from an electronic perspective.
  • Because of cost, they did not want a telephone system solution and elected to look at VoIP.
    • Why VoIP?
      • Dynamic – additional phones can be added when needed at a controlled cost.
      • Flexibility – Phones are portable, this refers to being able to take a phone on a business trip or placing a phone with a key client or vendor and being able to make extension to extension calls, anywhere in the world as long as Internet and power are available.
      • Longevity – “Premise” based systems need software and sometime hardware upgrades.  VoIP have upgrades flashed to them as the carrier updates their systems.  This extends the life of the hardware and eliminates cost of software upgrades.
  • Required multiple proposals

As a result of the requirements, DenMark worked with our suppliers and were able to provide multiple proposals that would be able to facilitate our clients’ needs.

Project Outcomes

We presented two different proposals that include VoIP options and an upgrade to their Internet by placing a 50MG Fiber Internet connection.  Both solutions met all of their objectives, including integrating the Harrisburg location, when that system needs to be replaced.

  • The first proposal was from a provider that sells, lease option is available, the phones.
  • The overall solution would save the client just over $1,000 a month.
  • Cost of the hardware is just under $3,000, lease option that is available is $94.00.
  • This would be no out of pocket, overall monthly recurring cost would be $1,508, savings would be $909.00, or 38%. The savings is primarily due to the Internet service, which is approximately $770.00 a month.
  • The second proposal was from a provider the “rents” their equipment. This allows the client to get an equipment refresh at the end of their contract term (3 years).
  • Upfront cost is $405.00, this includes converting their fax to an Internet fax application. We were able to get the provider to waive the hardware configuration cost.  The only other cost is Administrative training the web-portal to administer the system
  • This solution has a monthly recurring cost of $1,578, overall savings is $840.00 per month, or 35%. Again, the savings is primarily due to the Internet service, which is approximately $750.00 a month

The End Result

This particular client selected the second option as the idea of renting the equipment was appealing because they can get an equipment refresh.  They also did an Engineering call with the supplier to ensure they can facilitate their specific needs regarding the configuration of the router.

The final result are that in every step along the way, DenMark asked the correct questions the make sure we were doing what the client wanted and that we were putting the clients’ needs and expectation in the forefront.

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