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At DenMark Business Solutions, our drive is to ensure that not only are our clients’ expectations met, but that they are exceeded. For us, it’s all about managing the details. We invite you to read through a few case studies below to get a better understanding of how we work with our clients, and how that relationship creates spectacular results.

DenMark Case Studies

Featured Case Study: Local Association

We have a client that is a local association.  They called at the end of 2019 and explained that they were going through a process of updating their internal technology capabilities.  This included their telephone system first, but wanted a company to work with them that would essentially be a valued advisor.  

Operating Challenges

We met in early 2020 with a team of their staff that was evaluating 3 organizations that they were interviewing.  Our conversation included not only their telephone system, but also the fact that they knew they were behind the times from a technology perspective and that they don’t know what they don’t know.  This discussion included:

  • The first step was to evaluate their current telephone system and find a hosted solution.
  • They current have peer group meetings where they meet with various numbers of their members to discuss and assist them with their members challenges.
    • They have a need for a more efficient and cost effect collaborative tool.

Project Steps

The first step of identifying a hosted provider was started.  We presented 3 alternative solutions.  They identified 2 providers for which the wanted demos of the systems.  Then COVID-19 started.  We immediately were delayed because everyone was establishing their work from home environment.  After about 30 days, we were re-engaged with the association.  At that time, we presented two providers that would be able to fulfill their needs.  Both providers were very good solutions for them, however, because of the peer group requirement, they selected the provider that had a audio conference bridge on each extension that has the ability for 25 guest per conference call.  This solution reduced their need for a separate service they were currently using for all of their conferencing needs, thus saving them several hundred dollars per month.

The association also holds an annual conference in October.  Because of COVID-19, they were unsure as to how to facilitate the conference, they are unsure about holding it in-person, and if they did, they are also entertaining a virtual aspect.  Another alternative is to have it completed virtual in one day.  We began searching for solutions of providers that can facilitate these requirements.  We found two that would be excellent solutions.  When presenting these solutions to our client, they discussed a twist in the requirement.  Instead of holding the conference in one day, they have decided to hold it over the course of several weeks in October.  We changed directions and found other providers that can meet these new requirements. 

Our client has gone through the demos of the solutions.  Evaluating criteria is ease of use on their part, how their content is presented to the end user and administrator, how it is used by the presenter.  Finally cost.

Project Outcomes

Within 30 days of Verizon posting the appropriate credits, our client received a check for over $152,000. 

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