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At DenMark Business Solutions, our drive is to ensure that not only are our clients’ expectations met, but that they are exceeded. For us, it’s all about managing the details. We invite you to read through a few case studies below to get a better understanding of how we work with our clients, and how that relationship creates spectacular results.

DenMark Case Studies

Featured Case Study: Grocery Store Chain

We have a client that is a grocery store chain that we did a telecom bill audit on their stores in 2014 – 2016.  During that time our efforts came to a close and our engagement ended. 

They had moved services from Verizon to Frontier in 2015.  Both carriers were continuing to bill for the services that Frontier was providing.  Efforts to have Verizon terminate billing and issue a refund for services billed in error were difficult.  They had no success in accomplishing this objective.  In 2017, we were engaged to assist them in this effort. 

Operating Challenges

In 2014 our client made a decision to move several PRI’s and several thousand DID’s from Verizon to Frontier.

  • Frontier began billing for services installed in January 2015.
  • The clients accounting department continued paying the Verizon bill as they were not made aware those services were being disconnected.
  • Verizon continued to bill for services
    • Efforts to work with Verizon to terminate billing were met with a great deal of frustration as Verizon would not provide documentation that was understandable by the client .
  • Although our client has a very competent telecom staff, they were not knowledgeable in understanding the intricacies of working with a carrier to terminate services retroactively and obtaining refunds for charges billed in error.

Project Steps

Since we had prior history with the client, they understood what we would need in order to begin.  They provided us the following:

  • Bills for Verizon and Frontier so that we could verify the billing issue
  • Frontier contract for services leaving Verizon
  • List of service transferred
  • Supporting documentation required in our effort

We contacted Verizon and provided them documentation to show DenMark as an authorized party on the accounts in question.  When opened a claim on the billing disputes, which were over $4,600.00 a month.

Because our client was able to provide significant documentation, this process went rather quickly.  Within six months we were able to negotiate a refund. 

Project Outcomes

Within 30 days of Verizon posting the appropriate credits, our client received a check for over $152,000. 

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