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You know that there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to your telecommunications systems for your business. You also probably know that there are places that you can cut costs, even if you are not exactly sure where. It may or may not have occurred to you to consider a comprehensive telecom audit. Companies in Northern MD and Central PA can benefit tremendously from DenMark telecom audit services. In fact, businesses in a wide variety of industries have found the opportunity for considerable savings thanks to what our FREE TELECOM AUDITS have uncovered.

Why Do You Need a Telecom Audit?

There are several signs that a telecom audit can be a very good idea from your company.

For example, telecom invoice management in Central PA and Northern MD businesses is frequently lacking in key areas, which can be costly. If you do in-house telecom invoice processing services in the region, a DenMark Business Solutions, Inc. audit can provide much-needed peace of mind and likely give you valuable ideas for overhauling your process.

Other signs that you may be giving away money and can benefit from a telecom audit include:

  • No data(or incomplete data) on your telecom product inventory or service history
  • Invoices that are approved because they are “close enough”
  • Multiple mergers and acquisitions that may have changes your telecommunications structure
  • Unrecognizable wireless invoice assignments
  • Constant requests for information on telecommunications issues that are difficult to answer

Is It Really Free?

Yes it is. At DenMark, we say what we mean and mean what we say, so when we say free, we mean we do the audit at NO COST TO YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS.

  • No Cost: You do not pay for DenMark to perform the audit on your telecom services. 
  • No Risk: What do you have to lose for our experts to show you the situation with your telecom usage and expenses and different places where you can achieve savings.
  • No Obligation: After the audit is complete and we have presented you with the analysis, you are under no obligation to work with us any further, or to take any of our recommendations. 

So yes, we really do mean FREE!

Comprehensive Audits With DenMark

If you are having any of these issues, it’s time to let DenMark Business Solutions, Inc. step in. We offer a completely free telecom audit that can help clear up your telecommunications picture, organize your data and understand your costs so you can make needed corrections. When you bring in DenMark Business Solutions for your audit, we will analyze your system and generate a Telecom Expense Management, or TEM, report. This report will tell you all you need to know about your telecommunications operations and costs, including:
  • Invoice Analysis: Find out what services you are receiving and what you are being charged. You could be losing thousands of dollars due to billing errors escaping your notice every month.
  • Inventory Analysis: Find out exactly what you are working with and what you have available.
  • Contract Analysis: Make sure that what you are being charged is what you agreed to in the beginning. Make sure you are not being charged for services you do not use or do not want.
  • HR Analysis: Learn who is using which telecommunications services in your office.
Your TEM report will also provide you with crucial information on how you can streamline your process, financial data, budget alignment, exception reporting and cost visibility. You will have everything you need to maximize efficiency and reduce costs with your telecommunications. Once you know what kind of telecom solutions you need to save money and increase productivity, DenMark can call upon our network of 160 service providers to help you find those solutions and implement them. Don’t let any more money slip away due to a disorganized telecommunications structure. Call us today at 717-990-3013 for your complimentary telecom audit today.

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