Why Are Telecommunications Expenses so Difficult to Manage?

Why Are Telecommunications Expenses so Difficult to Manage?

Telecommunication expenses are becoming one of the most costly expenses and most difficult areas for organizations to manage. 

Organizations are faced with pressures to control expenses and are overloaded with more choices of service types and costs than in the past. It’s no longer just a matter of adding more telephones and trying to get the lowest rates. If proper planning isn’t in place and the telecom infrastructure is not able to meet future needs, it can become a potential costly inhibitor of growth. The fear of change is often the result of the lack of up to date industry knowledge which prevents the initiative to make cost saving decisions. 

Most organizations lack the internal expertise to properly audit telecom bills. The confusing nature of monthly billing practices by the telecom carriers is also a contributing factor as to why it has become difficult for organizations to correctly monitor telecom bills on a monthly basis. Did you know that 80% of telecom invoices contain billing errors? The errors vary from taxing inaccuracies to inactive services that are still being billed.

Why would an organization partner with a telecom agent to help manage telecom costs?

Telecom agents save money for an organization by possessing a high level of knowledge in contract negotiations with the telecom carriers, have up to date telecom carrier product and pricing knowledge and help identify and assist with billing inaccuracies. A telecom agent saves time for an organization by assisting with strategic planning and budgeting for future needs and by doing the research on best product and service options. 

A telecom agent can also save time for an organization by communicating directly with the telecom carriers when escalating and monitoring the resolution of issues. DenMark Business Solutions Inc. is a telecom agent.

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