Bills. Everyone has them and everyone has the same feeling of dread when it comes time to pay them. Fees, upon fees, upon fees; next thing you know, you have a migraine from trying to decipher all the technical mumbo jumbo cluttering each and every page. And if you are like the majority of people, you come to a point where the migraine doesn’t seem worth it so you just write a check for whatever the bill is. Unfortunately, in the world of telecom, all that mumbo jumbo could be a substantial amount of money you are essentially throwing down the drain.

Are You Paying More than You Should on Your Phone Bill?

Have you ever really looked at your company’s phone bill? And by really looked, have you google what a “Federal Subscriber Line Charge” is? How about a PICC fee? Most people don’t, so don’t feel too bad. If you are one of those people who have looked at your bill, do you check it every month? Have you noticed your phone bill slowly creeping up at all? “We must have been on the phone a lot this month” or “Oh, I think we are out of contact now” are probably the excuses you have used in the past when your company’s bill has increased.

While that may be true, the real reason is usually far from it. Telecom companies are notorious for adding hidden fees, disguising a few dollars here and there as a necessary evil of sorts. We at DenMark Business Solutions are here to tell you these extra fees are not necessary. Let us help you sort through your telecom bills and give you peace of mind without the headache.

Save Money On Your Company’s Phone Bill

At DenMark, we understand your frustration. We know all the terms of the telecommunications industry, know exactly what you should and should not be paying & can easily identify if your company is being billed improperly. Whatever the issue may be, we will find it and we will fight on your behalf for every penny.

In 2015, DenMark was contacted by a large company with several hundred locations spanning multiple states. They felt as if their phone bills kept increasing and were looking for help understanding why & if there was anything that could be done about it. We took every phone bill from each location and reviewed them with a fine-tooth comb, finding hundreds of billing errors spanning 4 different carriers. These errors ranged anywhere from $.35 – $40 charges & were being billed each month for several months. Some charges randomly appeared on the bill mid-contract, while other errors were made when the contract was initially signed.

DenMark went to work contacting each carrier on the client’s behalf. Several hours every day were spent on the phone fighting with the carriers for them to fix their mistakes, whether it was trying to explain to the carrier what exactly they billed incorrectly or contacting top-level managers for our client. After spending hundreds of hours on the phone, we successfully completed the initial telecom audit and our new client was thrilled with the several thousands of dollars in credits they received. We continued to monitor their phone bills over the next few months as well to ensure these same charges did not appear again.

Contact DenMark Business Solutions for a Free Telecom Audit

The next time you are about to write a “blank check” to your telecom carrier, keep DenMark in mind. Take the countless hours of guesswork and stress out of your company’s hand by entrusting a company that will fight for you. Let us help you save time, money and the inevitable headaches from hours of staring at bills. Contact us today for a complimentary telecom audit!