I know, you probably think VoIP is more than what your business needs.  VoIP systems have so many features and you don’t need all that, right?  It’s just not a good fit for your business.  You just know it will cost a lot of money.

But, the truth is, even if your business doesn’t need advanced functionality, it can still benefit by switching to VoIP.  There is significant cost savings to doing so.  Not only will your company save money, the advanced features of a VoIP system will be there as your company grows.  A VoIP solution is scalable, but the costs do not fluctuate as they do with traditional phone systems.  VoIP scales with you but the cost does not, this makes it easy for your company to manage growth and costs.

The costs are all upfront

When upgrading a traditional phone system, it can cost anywhere between $500 – $2000 per user.  Wow!!!  That doesn’t include the ongoing usage, maintenance and new feature fees that add up very quickly with a traditional phone system.

With VoIP, maintenance, customer service, feature enhancements and upgrade fees are all rolled into one monthly subscription plan –this leaves your business with easy to manage and predictable monthly expenses. Why wouldn’t your business want to remove the nightmare of dealing with continuous fluctuating costs, and charges.  No more trip charges for coming out to your business, no more upgrade charges for any changes done to the system.  VoIP changes can be done on the fly and without unexpected fees.

Get mobile

You want and need your business to be mobile.  More and more employees are working from home or have cell phones.  But your business needs to operate no matter where they are.  With shrinking office spaces it’s important to leverage these telecommuting opportunities this helps reduce operational expenses. A traditional phone system just does not have the functionality to do this, but guess what?  VoIP does!

Worried about upgrade costs

We know a traditional phone system uses old technology that is expensive to maintain, lacks modern features and can become obsolete quickly. Traditional systems just don’t get the upgrades and features anymore. If your business is running on a legacy phone system you most likely are spending a lot of money on upgrades upgrades, changes, fixes and replacements (there may no longer be replacements). With VoIP, technology is new, self-evolving and durable so that equipment is the last thing your needs to be concerned about when working with your annual budget.

With all the benefits of a VoIP system; cost savings, scalability, less maintenance and so on, why not at least consider this as an option.

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