VoIP and Your Business

Understanding technology is the key to success in your business. Technologies that enhance the way people communicate have always found to be quickly adopted throughout businesses. VoIP is no different.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services deliver irrefutable advantages to businesses of all scales and sizes. Here’s why:

  • VoIP can transition your telecommunications from a capital expenditure to operational expenditure.
  • Easily enabled on your existing devices.
  • In conjugation with IoT (Internet of Things), VoIP is set to become a driver to assist in achieving a “smart office” concept, where phones will communicate with all kind of devices.
  • VoIP connections are secure, stable, and offer value-added services such as call forwarding, teleconferencing, autoresponders, and analytics.

The VoIP Market

Apart from all the benefits that VoIP technology brings to businesses, there have been other factors that are contribute to its growth.

  • The market is far from being saturated; this means new VoIP providers, more competition and better pricing for businesses.
  • National Regulatory Research Institute(NRRI) report suggest that 41 states in the U.S. have reduced or eliminated their wired telecom oversight, in favor of VoIP.
  • 36 percent of businesses across the US are using VoIP.
  • Several U.S. states (Illinois among the latest joiners) have authorized and prepared for sunsetting of copper landline services, nudging telecom companies to invest resources toward developing VoIP and other similar future-ready modes of communication.

Unified Communications

Data, voice, video, mobile — every communication channel is important, and businesses look integrate all of these into a single platform. This enables the delivery of a unified communications platform. VoIP technology, is at the core of unified communications. It enables functionalities such as instant messaging, voice calling, teleconferencing, video calling, and group video calling using the same workflow.  This can all be done from any device enabled with a suitable VoIP application. This enables end users to communicate quickly, effectively, anywhere and anytime.

Communication and Mobility

Mobility is the key and VoIP is the answer. If you’re still using fixed landlines, these may be reasons to switch:

  • The need to forward calls to their mobile devices.
  • The need for a flexible voicemail system that can be easily accessed via a mobile device.
  • The need for a phone system that enabled interoperability with existing mobile phones.

High-quality VoIP

Low-quality of voice data transmission across continents has been a major productivity roadblock for businesses, but not anymore.

Cell service vendors have worked with voice quality engineers for extended periods and addressed these issues. Now you see them offering HDVoice and VoLTE services. Cloud-based VoIP as well as cellular network-based VoIP services, today, provide great voice quality, both over voice and video calling. Now the services are being offered to SMBs and startups, no longer just enterprises.  Smaller businesses can now leverage advanced software and cloud-based computing capabilities.

Bottom of Form

Great User Experience

There have been major advances toward a great user experience in VoIP.  Meeting planning, conference calls, email, data analysis, project planning — you name it, and smartphones support these functions both via hardware and software components. This has nudged VoIP innovators into investing more resources toward assuring the seamless coming together of mobile communications and back-office operations.

Apps for your Phone

Your business needs to complete their tasks without moving between applications, devices, and platforms. There is a lot of integration between products and cloud-based platforms using APIs. For instance, your CRM (customer relationship management) app suites and help desk program will can be easily integrated using this technology. This all-encompassing integration between cloud-based VoIP apps and your workforce will help your company meet their productivity goals.

Take it to the next level

VoIP technology has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to do so. Businesses that are looking to take their communications capabilities to the next level need to track the latest trends from the VoIP world, to be able to adopt them quickly.

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