Cloud services allow information to travel extremely fast across the internet.  Things like systems virtualization, system scaling up or down automatically depending on workload and automated updates and patching of systems on an enterprise scale are just a few of the numerous cost and time saving benefits of cloud services.

With cloud services your work flow now becomes much more flexible and can possibly anticipate your customers needs through extremely fast data collection and analysis.  Your workforce now becomes streamlined while providing your customers with on demand and on time service and support.

Your company is now able to collaborate much more efficiently and effectively across various units such as IT, sales, finance and budgeting.  Interaction with customers now becomes easy and even allows for input while developing new products and services.

IT as a cost center becomes a thing of the past by moving to the cloud.  Now, through cloud services early product design, software implementations or other projects IT has important information to offer.  Cloud services can offer tips on user interaction data that should be collected, tweaks, statistical analysis.  IT used to be reactive, now with cloud it is proactive.

The lower cost of cloud service like desktop as a service(DaaS), software as a servie(SaaS), hosted telephone, such as Voice Over IP(VoIP) or even hosted server solutions are reason enough for numerous companies to get rid of their data centers, old phone systems and onsite servers and progress towards cloud services.

Businesses are moving things to the cloud such as enterprise resource planning(ERP), collaboration and analytics.  If your business isn’t thinking about these services now, you may be behind the curve.  According to research these are the top growth areas for cloud computing in business.

Oh, and we all know about smart cars, smart cities and connected health devices such as fall detection, patient tracking, health monitoring and even automated pill monitoring for patients.  All of these connected devices known as the Internet of Things(IoT) are expected to reach 13.7 billion by 2021.  It would benefit businesses to start their discussions now.

With all of that said, here comes my pitch.  At DenMark Business Solutions cloud services and IoT is what we do.  Let us help you start that discussion about cloud service and IoT.  We know it can be daunting but we are here to help!  If your SLA is now!  Give us a call!

Are you a hospital or health care provider of some type?  Maybe a senior living care facility that needs to track patient care through automated processes.  Do you want to detect falls before they occur?  Need to track dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.  It’s what we do.  Let’s talk!

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