With the start of the New Year, 2018 appears to be the year where all of us can look forward to something new in Technology.  There’s going to be something for everyone.  With the International CES (Computer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas starting this week, personally, I cannot wait to see what’s on the horizon.

For those of you that may not know, CES is one of the largest electronics and technology venues in the world and is held once a year.  It’s where most of the new technology is introduced, showcased and discussed.

My expectation this year is we begin to see more new and exciting devices coming for IoT (Internet of Things).  The technology is ripe for the picking and many businesses are going to harvest this trend.  We already are aware of sensors that control the temperature in places such as cold storage units, temperature controlled tractor trailers, even many grocery chains and other temperature controlled environments.

Sensors for the health and medical fields too.  From fall detection and wearable proximity sensors to devices that allow healthcare facilities to track moveable medical equipment such as ventilators and even wheelchairs.

Think of the possibilities the Internet of Things offers, all the connected devices, wearables, mobility, industrial and even full Smart Cities.  It’s an endless plethora of possibilities all for us.  But as a business what does it all mean?

Yes, we can track everything, connect things and be Smart, but businesses need to understand the cost involved in implementing these solutions AND the savings that there is to be had by using technology.  Companies that showcase these products and technologies as CES need to provide these details to us.  Not just say they have a great product, we need to use it.  How will it benefit us, as a business to use your technology?

Give us something great out of CES this year, something we can use now, to grow our businesses and help make them better.  Every year I want great things and hear great things to come.  But that’s just it, they are always coming next year or in two years.  How about now, give us something now!

Dan E. Saia is the Business Development Guru at DenMark Business Solutions and a lover of all things technology. DenMark Business Solutions specializes in implementing Telecom and IoT solutions for businesses of all sizes.  Please visit them here.