Conference Calling

The mass of corporate users of conference calling services makes it apparent that it is one of the favored means of communication in the business world to date. Companies consider it more cost-efficient, less taxing on the company’s time and personnel, and more effective in fostering business relations in the international scene.

Conference calling has a number of benefits. It mimes a conference table and helps reduce travel costs, allows for taking immediate action, and is easy to schedule. This helps in better management of a business and in a number of other business-related areas, it proves its worth. Planning is minimal. Select the time and date of the call and send out invites via Outlook to all invited participants.

There are a few different types of conferencing in today’s technology driven world: Audio Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing, and Video Conferencing. Each one has their differences and you may choose which one you think would work best in your situation.
Audio Tele-conferencing allows a caller to have more than one person listen in to the audio part of the call. Callers may be on to merely listen (with their lines muted), or have a group discussion. With conference calling, the participants call into the conference bridge from their remote location. They enter a passcode and are directed to their particular call.
Web Conferencing is a popular way for companies to hold meetings or live presentations over the internet. In a web conference, each participant sits at their own computer, and is connected to other participants via the internet. The most basic feature of a web conference is screen sharing, whereby conference participants see whatever is on the presenter's screen. Typically this is accompanied by voice communication through an Audio Tele-conference. Participants are typically muted for the presentation, then lines are un-muted for a question and answer session.
There are times when it is impossible for individuals to have a face to face meeting due to time constrains and difficulty in coordinating schedule. Videoconferencing offers them the convenience of having a meeting in the comfort of their own location without having to worry about airfares.   It also eliminates the need to find some time away from their hectic schedule to plan a conference. As the demand for this technology has increased, the cost of this service has gone down.

Do you think that your company could benefit from the multitude of applications that conference calling has to offer? Have you searched the web to find a solution only to find a multitude of providers that leave you with questions? All of the choices and fees may be confusing and it sometimes it is hard to tell if you are getting the best deal—or if you are going to get hit with hidden fees. If you think conferencing is a step your business is ready take, let Denmark Business Solutions help you eliminate the hassle for you. Contact us to help you get started!