Telecom costs are one of the top five operating expenses incurred by a corporation


· Do you have a complete list of services currently at your business?

· Can you identify the services on your bill?

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If you answered no to any of these questions, our experienced specials at DenMark Business Solutions, Inc. can help you. We can help you chose the right solution tailored to your business' individual needs. We start by evaluating your existing services, your voice and data requirements, and long-term needs. We then design a customized network solution. We will show you different options with multiple carriers so you can choose with confidence. We are 100% independent of carriers, so we are exclusively focused on our client's side of the ledger.


Why choose a telecommunications consultant? Can't I do the same thing on my own?

Sometimes it just comes down to a simple question - why overspend? Yes, you can shop your services on your own. There are a lot of carriers to choose from and you can get a variety of complex offers. The downside - you have wasted hours on the phone to get these offers and now you have the tedious task of evaluating the value in each offer. Not only are you overspending on your telecom bill each month, now you are overspending your time. DenMark takes the pain out of the evaluation process. We compile the proposals and we evaluate the good and the bad of each offer.

How much of my time will this process take?

You will need to get your telecommunications invoices and contract copies together. We will meet for an initial consultation for about twenty minutes & we pick up the invoices at that time. We compile our information and will meet again to review our findings.

How much can I really save?

Our clients average a 19% overall savings.

Say we decide to move forward - what happens next?

DenMark will coordinate the ordering of services and/or the contract negotiations with your current carrier. We then manage the installation/cutover with your carrier of choice and equipment vendor. If you don't have a vendor, we can assist in the coordination of a maintenance/service contractor. You have a dedicated DenMark account specialist to handle all your needs from the initial consultation & network design, through the delivery of services, to after installation support. We are committed to providing our customers top-notch quality, service, and the value of our expertise that you can't find anywhere else.