Auditing F.A.Q's

We have a telecom department, why should we outsource?
Bill Audits, RFPs, & Contract Negotiations are very time consuming projects. It is rare for an internal staff to have the extra time or resources to prepare a comprehensive review of all telecom expenses. It also requires an extensive understanding of tariffs, pricing guides, regulatory fees and surcharges. Internal staffs also have limited expertise in critical areas such as negotiating local service rates, long distance plans, data and internet options. This would require companies to devote internal resources at the expense of the company’s day-to-day operations.
What are the common telecommunication problems?
Telecom carriers use complex technical terms which confuse companies from the onset. Invoices typically have multiple discrepancies making it even more difficult to define what charges are valid. Telecom companies make up official sounding surcharges that make you believe they are federal taxes. Try searching for the definition of the surcharge and you will be running in circles. To the untrained auditor these problems are difficult to uncover and require a thorough, detailed investigation with a consistent follow-up.
What gets audited?
All local and long distance services, data, internet, and cellular services will get audited.

What will DenMark be doing during the audit?
We will:  gather & collect the information; build the inventory & lists of services; verify the services billing are being used; verify each service is being billed accurately; confirms that the services are not being under or over utilized; researches issues & questions; contacts & works with the telecom vendor; corrects telecom errors; follows up to insure corrections are implemented; pursues recoveries of past over-charges; makes recommendations to lower costs & improve service; keeps the client informed every step of the way.
How long will the audit take?
There are several variables that will play a role in determining the length of time it takes to complete the audit. The number of locations and vendors factor into that equation. The availability of contracts still in service and the access to invoices. A comprehensive review should be completed in 2 to 4 weeks. The complete audit will be done within 2 to 6 months.
Will this take a lot of our company’s time and resources?
This will take very little of your time. To begin the audit, we need copies of all current invoices, copies of contracts if available, a signed letter of agency allowing us to talk to the carriers about your account. We may have a few questions to ask along the way.